Alvar Suñol “Una Vida Pintant, 1954-2016″ at Calonge Castle, Girona, Spain

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Alvar Suñol “Una Vida Pintant, 1954- 2016″ Retrospective at the Calonge Castle, Girona, Spain 

Click here to view a video of the exhibit and an interview with Alvar! 

The Calonge Castle presented Una Vida Pintant (A Life of Painting), a retrospective of Alvar Suñol’s works from 1954 to 2016. The exhibition featured a chronological view of approximately sixty oil paintings and drawings to highlight the evolution of Alvar’s career over the past sixty-two years. As one of Catalan’s most acclaimed painters, the exhibition was promoted and organized by the Town Council on the occasion of the inauguration of the exhibition halls in the Calonge Castle (ca. 1019) after its refurbishing. The Castle stands as a new emblem of culture, and the creativity of Alvar was deemed by the Department of Culture to be the best visual representation of Catalonia’s vibrant art scene. Una Vida Pintant garnered widespread attendance and critical acclaim, including praise by Catalonia’s mayor Jordi Soler as well as Santi Vila I Vicente, the Minister of Culture of Catalonia.

Analyzing why Alvar’s work appeals to large audiences, Spanish art critic Paco Grande aptly writes,

“Alvar has the ability of introducing us to a sphere of transformation. We just need to penetrate his work, allowing the shapes, colours and themes to soak into us so we may maintain an intimate dialogue with them and transform the perceived beauty into the soul’s subtle texture. In order to capture Alvar’s work in depth, not only the perceptive function or the aesthetic ingress are needed, but also the intuitive function located beyond sensitivity and reasoning is essential.”

Alvar harmonizes recognizable objects with ethereality to create scenes that both analyze the world around us while offering a sense of timelessness. Important in Alvar’s themes is the human experience, and that despite immense diversity, all living beings are affected by the past and the present.

The retrospective traces the evolution of Alvar’s aesthetic styles and narratives, and also anticipates the next chapter in his impressive portfolio. Una Vida Pintant 1954-2016 was on view from July 15th to August 28th, 2016.



Alvar with Catalonia Mayor Jordi Soler at the opening of Una Vida Pintant 


The official exhibition announcement for Una Vida Pintant 


Maternitat Blanca, Oil on canvas 2016. Included in Una Vida Pintant exhibition