Sweet Sensations- DP

Sweet Sensations- DP , 44" X 36", Inv#15292641
acrylic on canvas
Multiplicity-SA DE308-EB

Multiplicity-SA DE308-EB, 31" X 31", Inv#13671141
Acrylic on Canvas
Floral Explosion

Floral Explosion, 33" X 44", Inv#33671651
acrylic on canvas
Creative Genius

Creative Genius, 33" X 44", Inv#33671652
acrylic on canvas
Competing Forces- DP- SA DE306

Competing Forces- DP- SA DE306 , 53" X 25", Inv#29516895
Acrylic on Canvas
Coming Together - DP-SA DE305

Coming Together - DP-SA DE305, 34" X 60", Inv#13671142
Acrylic on Canvas
Coming into motion- DP

Coming into motion- DP, 37" X 35", Inv#29516897
Acrylic on canvas
Boundless Energy

Boundless Energy, 46" X 46", Inv#27903362
mixed media on canvas
Blissful Calm- DP

Blissful Calm- DP, 44" X 44", Inv#33671656
acrylic on canvas

Ana Morán is a contemporary abstract artist from Valencia, Spain. Her artistic training began when she took a yearlong sculpture course at the School of Arts and Crafts in Salamanca. Morán then went on to receive her Bachelor of Arts from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, where she studied from 1998 to 2003. Before pursuing a career as a full-time artist, Morán worked as a conservation and reservation artist in Valencia. Currently, her works are actively shown in galleries in Spain and are within several private collections in Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona, and León.