[SOLD] Through the Fog

[SOLD] Through the Fog, 0" X 0", Inv#442588342
[SOLD] Red Bird

[SOLD] Red Bird, 0" X 0", Inv#442588340
[SOLD] Cold Mountain

[SOLD] Cold Mountain, 0" X 0", Inv#442588341

Born in Chicago, Barrett Edwards is a third generation artist, instructor, art juror and public speaker whose award-winning work first drew attention in France. Her introductory exhibition in Paris sold out. That success was followed shortly by an exhibit at the historic Salon d’Autumne at the Grand Palais in Paris, and acceptance into the Grand Prix International de Peinture de Lammelin (Paris), Atelier Melusine (Switzerland) and her work is in the permanent collection of the Steamboat Art Museum, Colorado. Her oil paintings have recently appeared in the Reece Witherspoon movie, “The Good Lie” and the USA TV network series, “Reasonable Roughness”. Barrett took her first serious art lesson at age 6. Over the ensuing years, she studied, observed, sketched and practiced in a variety of media: watercolor, acrylics, pastels, collage, pen/ink and oils. Continuing her studies under Matt Smith, Gerald Brommer, Tom Nicholas, Skip Lawrence, Stephen Quiller and numerous others, Barrett has become a skilled observer of shape and value. Barrett’s art moves seamlessly between representational oil paintings and innovative abstracted landscapes in mixed media. Her representative works focus on taking the scene before her and making it more than is visible; she adds emotion, subtracting detail and capturing just the essential. Barrett paints the Provencal, Tuscan, Coastal and Colorado landscapes that reflect the breadth of her experiences there over the past 30 years. Color, form and texture provide the foundation for Barrett’s large-scale abstract paintings. Using large palette knives, wide brushes and a variety of marking tools to shape color and give form to texture, her abstracted landscapes reflect a unique simplification of nature. Barrett continues to share her passion for painting with others, teaching workshops in Tuscany, Provence, The Bahamas, Main, Colorado, Kentucky and Naples.