Zen, 64" X 47", Inv#17901374
Mixed Media on Canvas

Born in Croatia, Chicho studied at the Art Academy of Sarajevo. He received his master’s degree in art history and graphic design. He worked as a graphic designer for several years before painting full-time. He was a recipient of the Pollock-Krasner foundation grant given to artists that demonstrate artistic merit. The vivid colors and playful collages in Chicho’s work provide exciting arrangements, while the artistic techniques deliver an overall sensory effect. The distinct paintings habitually capture viewers’ attention by offering a myriad of illustrations, ranging from tiny seated Buddhas to large roses covering the canvas. Familiar imagery serves as an invitation to the audience while the technique presents an innovative compositional approach. Upon further scrutiny, the details in Chicho’s work strengthen each image and affirm his talent as a painter. Streaks of paint run freely down the canvas alongside representational illustrations, highlighting the equal attention paid to freeform and realism. His skillful manipulation of substance and form provides insight into an artist that deeply understands the importance of both technique and presentation.