Tending to the Land

Tending to the Land, 24" X 39", Inv#25298712
oil on canvas
Playa de Levante (Levante Beach)-YY

Playa de Levante (Levante Beach)-YY, 35" X 35", Inv#19431954
oil on canvas
Pescadores y rocas (Valencia, Espana)-YY

Pescadores y rocas (Valencia, Espana)-YY, 39" X 31", Inv#24711134
oil on canvas
Pescadores de Valencia (Fishermen of Valencia)-YY

Pescadores de Valencia (Fishermen of Valencia)-YY, 45" X 45", Inv#45080951
oil on canvas
Pescadoras de Valencia Espana

Pescadoras de Valencia Espana, 32" X 39", Inv#26422768
oil on canvas
Nina en la playa

Nina en la playa, 18" X 22", Inv#38240096
oil on canvas
Naranjos de Valencia Espana (Oranges of Valencia, Spain)

Naranjos de Valencia Espana (Oranges of Valencia, Spain), 39" X 39", Inv#44716119
oil on canvas
Naranjos de Valencia (Valencian Oranges)

Naranjos de Valencia (Valencian Oranges), 31" X 31", Inv#25291346
oil on canvas

Maternidad-YY, 32" X 39", Inv#27061939
oil on canvas
La Recollida (Valencia Espana)

La Recollida (Valencia Espana), 29" X 36", Inv#25606343
oil on canvas
La Playa de Valencia - Espana

La Playa de Valencia - Espana, 31" X 51", Inv#45080953
oil on canvas
La nina de la cesta (The Basket Girl)-YY

La nina de la cesta (The Basket Girl)-YY, 35" X 46", Inv#16425106
oil on canvas
Bueyes en la Playa-YY

Bueyes en la Playa-YY, 39" X 39", Inv#27061940
oil on canvas
Bueyes en la playa (Valencia, Espana)

Bueyes en la playa (Valencia, Espana), 38" X 51", Inv#24711136
oil on canvas
Bueyes en la Playa

Bueyes en la Playa, 20" X 26", Inv#27061934
oil on canvas

Eustaquio Segrelles was born in 1936 in the town of Albaida, Valencia (Spain). At the young age of 6, his father passed away, leaving his mother to care for Segrelles and his five siblings in the unruly times of the Spanish Civil War.

He began his artistic schooling at the School of Fine Arts of San Carlos in Valencia where he studied from 1950 – 1954. There he developed his worldly renowned techniques of light and shadows. This talent caught the attention of galleries, which began showing his work in 1957.

Inheriting the talents of the painting of his father, Segrelles began to develop his artistic talents with pencils at a young age. This practice assisted in his later years as he worked as a draftsman for the publisher Maga, Bardon Press, Illustrated Selections and Bruguera from 1955 - 1972. This exposure allowed him to become much more widely known and allowed him to focus on his true passion, his fine art. His professional career has led to such success that a street was dedicated to him in the city of La Eliana in Valencia.

As a professional artist, Segrelles focus is mainly on oil painting, but he also has become quite skilled in the mediums of bronze sculpture, pen and graphite drawing, watercolor and printmaking. His style is based on an amazing mastery of color and light – becoming proficient in the technique of chiaroscuro. He uses colors only used in nature itself – brown, sienna, white, and indigo. Broad strokes give way to subtle detail, showing faceless characters while bringing to life the Mediterranean culture. He recreates the setting sun, the subtle sea and the daily life along the Valencian coast, reminding collectors of Sorolla’s loose brushstrokes.

The paintings of Eustaquio Segrelles can be found in public collections around the world including Argentina, London, Scotland, Holland, Portugal, Venezuela, Paris, Japan, Mexico and the United States. His works are represented in museums throughout Spain including the Palace of the Governors and the Provincial Museum of Valencia.