Saturday Afternoon - DP

Saturday Afternoon - DP, 28" X 39", Inv#16528
oil on canvas
Let Me Tell You What I Heard....- DP

Let Me Tell You What I Heard....- DP , 24" X 13", Inv#9243

Jan Hovener was born in Rotterdam on August 14, 1936. Just a few years after he graduated from the "Rotterdamse Academie". Hovener was awarded the "Talensprijs" in 1959. Since then, his remarkable talent did not remain unnoticed. Sandberg, director of the "Stedelijk Museum" in Amsterdam, was amazed by Hovener's self portrait, which clearly showed his passion. Sandberg was convinced that Jan Hovener had great potential and an incredible vision. Especially considering the fact that Hovener was in his early 20's.

Because of his restless nature, Hovener chose to lead a wandering existence. From there on, he had a mobile home for traveling and it served as his home as well. This way, Hovener has traveled to many countries. As a result of his many travels, Hovener has not exhibited much in The Netherlands. Therefore, Hovener gained more fame abroad than he did in The Netherlands with his remarkable work, which can be admired - for example - in the Horse Race Course Museum in York (United Kingdom).

Hovener started out his career as a painter of earthenware at the "Porceleyne Fles". Because of his experience, which is more than half a century, one can really see the maturity and enormous passion in his impressionistic work. Besides being an active painter, Hovener was an excellent teacher. A fine example of his teaching skills is his halfbrother Peter van Berkel, who has devoted himself to painting French landscapes, which are fantastic. After years of wandering and traveling, Jan Hovener finally returned to his home town, in which he leads a peaceful life together with his dedicated wife. They spend much of the summer in a country cottage where they garden together and Jan paints. He calls this his “Monet garden.”