Snowy Wonders...- DP -EB

Snowy Wonders...- DP -EB, 9" X 13", Inv#15141017
oil on board
Sheep by the Lake - DP -EB

Sheep by the Lake - DP -EB, 9" X 13", Inv#15141015
oil on board
Drifts by the Water - DP -EB

Drifts by the Water - DP -EB, 9" X 13", Inv#15141018
oil on board

Jorge Carbonell was born in Alcoy (Alicante), Spain on August 19th 1950, and was born into a family without a traditional artistic background (Santiago-father, Josefa-mother, Elisa, Luzgarda and Santiago-older brothers and sisters). Despite this fact, when he was just a child, his teachers singled out his abilities to draw. As he got older, his interest in art became greater, given the large number of artists that were living in his hometown and the relationship that Jorge had with many of them.

At the age of 13 he began as an apprentice in a company of fabric dyes, which alternated with drawing classes at the Fine Arts school. Given his negativity towards working in textiles, at 14 he began as an apprentice in the offices of a transport company, since this was considered an acceptable position. However, it didn’t stop him from continuing his classes in the Fine Arts school, this time from the artist Llorens Ferri, who gave Carbonell knowledge of basic techniques on oil, and where he started to paint still lifes. One year later, thanks to the friendship that his brother had with two artists during that time, these artists agreed to make corrections on the works that Carbonell painted after his work at the office, which were usually performed at night. In short, Jorge never neglected his formation as an artist, despite all of the obstacles that life put in front of him. At the age of 16, with many difficulties and against the wishes of his family, he began to work for an art dealer, for whom he periodically did commissions, which allowed him to be more economically independent and leave his office job. Meanwhile he had the chance to enter into an art studio, where he painted in the company of various artists and allowed Jorge to continue to enhance his knowledge about technique, color, and drawing.