Wired - YY

Wired - YY, 63" X 39", Inv#26095194
mixed media on panel
Solid Dream - YY

Solid Dream - YY, 51" X 33", Inv#42583913
mixed media on panel
Industrial Nest - YY

Industrial Nest - YY, 24" X 67", Inv#26095193
mixed media on panel

Juan Manuel Cossio was born in Madrid, Spain in 1960. He received academic training in Art and History at the Complutense University of Madrid. From 1980, Cossio worked as a Copyist at the Museo del Prado, where he studied from close observation and reinterpreted classical works of art; studied under Spanish realist Antonio López García; and became a student of Manuel Franquelo, one of Spain’s leading hyperrealist painters from the New Realism movement of the 1960s. The New Realism movement grew out of the avant-garde and incorporated elements of the real world in works of art in order to bring life and art closer together. The influence of this movement and its aesthetic is evident in Cossio’s works. Cossio’s principle tool for painting is an airbrush, which sprays the paint onto the canvas and allows for seamless blending of pigments. This blending allows Cossio to achieve high detail and precision found in his elaborate works. By using an airbrush instead of a standard paintbrush, Cossio changes the function of a tool originally designed to retouch photographs into the primary means of creating a photorealistic image. Cossio currently lives and works in Madrid and his work has been exhibited internationally in countries such as Spain, Italy, the UK, South Africa, Venezuela, and the US.