Vinedo- DP Web- EB

Vinedo- DP Web- EB, 31" X 47", Inv#33518171
oil on canvas
Amapolas - DP Web- EB

Amapolas - DP Web- EB, 38" X 51", Inv#33518161
oil on canvas

María Amparo Díaz Rastrojo was born in Castuera (Badajoz), Spain on January 18, 1943. Inspired by the arts from a young age, she attended the Escuela de Bellas Artes where she studied under Maestro Peña. Later, she attended a contemporary art course on Artistic Vanguards and Impressionism at the Mafre Vida Cultural Foundation.

After completing her studies, Amparo began to exhibit her work in 1991 with solo exhibitions in galleries in Madrid and her hometown Town Hall. She also began to participate in art contests throughout Europe including Madrid, including Madrid, Marbella, Guadalajara, and Badajoz in Spain and in Belgium, Holland, Italy, Germany, and Portugal. At this time she also participated in the Nimes Art Fair in France.

Amparo’s work can be seen on permanent display in the Science Department at the University of Granada, the Badajoz town hall, and at the Carriegos Foundation in León.

Drawn by the dynamic colors that combine to create swirls of texture, viewers of Amparo’s works find skilled techniques and brilliant brushstrokes. Layer after layer, she applies heavy coats of oil paint to create the rich impasto dimensional feel that has made her paintings highly distinguishable from other artists.