Those Blooming Birds

Those Blooming Birds, 18" X 15", Inv#11215991
Still Life with Rose and Bud-DP

Still Life with Rose and Bud-DP, 23" X 31", Inv#25032080
Still Life

Still Life, 11" X 7", Inv#18353

Cheers!-DP, 11" X 7", Inv#41212520

Marisa Mallol was born in Alcoy, Alicante, Spain in 1942. At the age of thirteen, Mallol began her first studies of painting at La Escuela de Artes y Oficios in Alcoy. After completing these studies Mallol began working in the studio and studying the techniques of the great landscape artist, Daniel Pastor, from Alcoy, as well as other well known artists. Three years of studying artistic drawing followed at the Escuela Industrial de Alcoy, under the teaching of the master, Mario Candela, another painter from Alcoy.


With a passion for painting and a love for challenge, Mallol has continued to search out new subjects. Because of her talent and desire, she has been able to encompass many themes in her paintings. Preference of subjects falls to the subject of ballerinas, who are favored for their elegance beauty and the whimsical tutus that they wear. These come together to offer a  subject that is simplified, innocent, and harmonious. 


In fact several themes of elegant women are created by Mallol. This includes elegant nude portraits and serene ladies strolling near an ocean. The gentleness of a woman’s characteristics is the motivation for these subjects. 


Most recently, Mallol has began creating realistic still life paintings with fruit, flowers and glass objects. These paintings are of sophisticated subjects, that are created with delicate and decisive brush strokes that pull the viewer into a world of realism.


Mallol’s work can be found in international private and public collections.