Winter road

Winter road, 20" X 28", Inv#23384275
oil on canvas
Winter Evening

Winter Evening, 20" X 28", Inv#35082311
oil on canvas
Winter Creek

Winter Creek, 20" X 28", Inv#35450267
oil on canvas
Town Ples, Blue Bridge

Town Ples, Blue Bridge, 20" X 28", Inv#18240822
Street in town Ples

Street in town Ples, 10" X 12", Inv#16167742
oil on canvas
Autumn Care - DP

Autumn Care - DP, 28" X 31", Inv#16167748
oil on canvas

Oleg Ardimasov was born on July 24, 1936 in the village of Lermontovka, in the Khabarovsk region of Russia. As a young artist, Oleg studied visual arts under Anfisa Burkova. After nine years of training, he entered the Irkutsk Art School in 1953. There he studied under artistic talents Alexander Savinykh, Alexey Zhibinov, Arkady Vychugzhanin. This schooling gave Oleg a strong foundation in in drawing, painting and composition. In 1958, Oleg was accepted to Surikov Art Institute in Moscow where he studied with famous teachers and artists such as Michael Aleksich, Peter Suvorov, Mikhail Matorin, Yuri Rayner, Mikhail Cheremnykh, Eugene Kibrik, Valery Skuridin, Nikolai Ponomarev, Oleg Savostyuk, Boris Uspensky, Boris Dekhterev. After graduation from the institute and graduate school, Oleg passed along his artistic skill by teaching at the institute. Throughout his stint as a teacher from 1973 – 2001, Oleg held the positions of Dean of Graphics, Graphics Chair and Dean of Academic Affairs. Currently, he is a Professor of Drawing, Studio Theater and Fine Art. The works of Oleg Ardimasov can be found in the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow along with many private collections in Russia, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, England, the United States, Canada, Italy, Switzerland, France, Indonesia, Japan and South Korea. To honor his successful and creative works, Oleg was awarded a Diploma and Medal of the Russian Academy of Arts, and Diplomas of the Union of Artists of Russia.