Floral-EB, 44" X 44", Inv#12116447

“In strong layers Etchenic paints

the earth, rocks, sky and sea

vibrating with light and heat.

Between these elements he inserts

the homes of men or the trees

which try to resist these energies

beyond measure and time.”

-Pierre de Dival

Univers Des Arts


Etchenic, born in March of 1948, started developing his artistry skills when he received a set of watercolors from an aristocratic family his struggling parents

rented land from. He was only four, but his artistic talent was evident.  During his adolescent years Etchenic met a Spanish painter, Juan Benito who started an art

studio in Saint Jean de Luz with his friend Jeremy Spencer, an English weaver. He learned techniques in oil painting, sculpture and weaving.


By 1973, his first studio exhibition took place in Paris followed by his first gallery

exhibition in 1978. The 1980's became an important decade to Etchenic due to his involvement with ceramicists and arts and crafts groups in Paris. These

professional societies provided two exhibitions yearly and became a great source for designers and galleries to become familiar with his work. Today Etchenic is considered the founder of this block-color landscape that other French

artists have adopted. He owns his own gallery and is represented in leading galleries throughout France.


Etchenic is a colorist. He loves nature and his paintings reflect the beautiful French landscapes that surround him. His talent for working with a pallet knife allows him to use thick areas of paint that seem weightless while beauty

transpires on canvas through fluid movement of hue.