[SOLD] Portofino Panorama

[SOLD] Portofino Panorama, 0" X 0", Inv#442588395
[SOLD] Italian Coast

[SOLD] Italian Coast, 0" X 0", Inv#442588396
[SOLD]  Coastal Towns

[SOLD] Coastal Towns, 0" X 0", Inv#442588394

Ramon Pujol was born in Olot, Spain in 1947. His family met his early talent as a gifted artist with encouragement and clear acceptance. From a very early age, paintbrushes and colors were his favorite toys. Pujol says that an artist is born, is made and develops. As such, his first academic training was at the Escola de Belles Artes de Olot. From this training he was granted the opportunity to study under the masterful teaching of Luis Carbonell and later Gussinye, Barnadas and Collellmir. Ramon Pujol admires the styles of many different artists like Cezanne, Gauguin, Toulouse-Lautrec, and especially Monet and Manet. His main influence, although, is nature. The colors, changes in light, luminosity and opacity inspire him to depict amazing light reflections on water. Initially, Pujol insisted on the use of the palette knife. Gradually the palette knife gave way to the systematic use of brushes. With this change his paintings began to reveal a deep understanding and interpretation of depth, light and atmosphere. The meticulous style of Pujol renders a level of distinction that sets his work apart from other painters. As such, he has received gold medals at the Autumn Salon in Marseille, France and the International Salon in Evian, France, in addition to countless awards in his native country of Spain.