Line Work

Line Work, 60" X 48", Inv#22693382
Mixed media on Panel Board
In Between

In Between, 48" X 48", Inv#22693377
Mixed media on Panel Board
Figure 2

Figure 2, 60" X 48", Inv#22693383
Mixed media on Panel Board
Warm Coast

Warm Coast, 48" X 48", Inv#22693378
Mixed media on Panel Board
Big Red-DP

Big Red-DP, 48" X 48", Inv#22693375
Mixed media on Panel Board


Scott Kerr felt destined to become an artist. Originally from Dallas, Texas, Kerr owned a successful residential and commercial painting business for twenty years before deciding to take a leap of faith.  While on vacation with family and friends in Florida, Kerr says, “It just hit me. I thought, I’m wasting my time. I’m older and I need to get to my passion in my life.” 

This passion for Kerr was to pursue his dream to paint full-time as a fine artist.  While a transition professionally, Kerr, however, is no newcomer to the art of painting.  Kerr’s father opened a furniture painting and finish company called the Kerr Collection when Scott was in grade school.   “He’d pick me up from school and we’d go back to the garage to build and paint furniture,” Kerr says.  No fine art education at university was ever needed as he has been painting his entire life.  

Using techniques similar to those used in fresco painting, Kerr applies layers of dried pigments and Venetian plaster to panels using a large trowel; no brushes ever touch the surface of his works.   He begins by mixing and creating his own palette of color, which he then uses to create 10-15 various works each displaying unique geometric abstract forms and shapes. 

Comparable to an expressionist artist, Kerr lets color and gesture guide him throughout his painting process.  “The hardest part,” Kerr says, “is knowing when to stop, which is why abstract painting is difficult.”  The paintings highlight his years of experience and innate ability to express a feeling without saying too much.  As one gazes upon Kerr’s paintings one begins to see that this refrain, as the understated parts of Kerr’s paintings are as important as his remarks. This fittingly translates well as a life lesson.   

Kerr’s work can be found in beautiful homes, offices, and hotels across the U.S.