The Religious Art of Alvar Suñol Now Available! Fall 2017

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Throughout his career, Alvar has constructed in his art a world that transcends place and time. Seamlessly weaving together a myriad of influences and visuals, Alvar depicts scenes ranging from the effects of modern technology to muses gallantly inspiring creation. Each artwork provides insight into themes important to Alvar. The new publication, “The Religious Art of Alvar Suñol”, discusses Alvar’s most recent exploration of biblical themes through various media in relation to his history and the influences that have contributed to the creation of his own aesthetic style. WHile the religious works do seem like a new subject for Alvar, interestingly enough, upon examination. Alvar has been painting biblical themes as far back as 1958. Scott Peck, Director of the Biblical Museum of Art in Dallas, TX, states, “This is why Alvar is so significant for our generation and the generations to follow. Alvar opens out eyes to a hidden and concealed spiritual realm.” By looking into the past, Alvar reaffirms his life-long passion for what he describes as a “rebirth of traditional artistic values that the great artists have bequeathed to us.” It is through his endeavor to explore religious themes that Alvar elevated both art and faith.

The book features over seventy-five original works created by Alvar in mediums of oil paintings, watercolors, and graphite pencil drawings mainly between 2010 and 2017. In addition, the book includes essays on Alvar’s history and his contributions to art making over the last fifty years.